adi matei
krinzinger projekte
m2 pen
shuttle space
polistirene suit
the road
not for sale
jars jaws
cadere rake
the bone
crumbs bread
the dog
The dog  


The stray dog population in Bucharest is around 200.000, a human to dog ratio of 10 to 1. In the 1980’s, Nicolae Ceausescu had parts of the city torn down for building new housing and many dogs were released into the streets.  More than two decades later, the situation has grown out of control.
Apart from this, I also feel, in this “new-born” Romania, as a vagabond, as a stray dog. I am a child of the old system, wondering around in the present. Organizing a stray dog skeleton means that I am leading an organized dog life, together with all the uncertainty and beauty of a bohemian existence.